Power Supply, Provision of Electrical and Automation Engineering Services for Industrial Processes

Construction and upgrading of low and high voltage power lines up to 110 kV

Relocation of Znamenosets 110 kV and Ovcharitsa 220 kV overhead power lines situated before the mining front line in the eastern end of the deposit

External electrical power supply of the Knauf Plant from Substations 5&6 of Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD

Upgrade and expansion of the underground power supply system in the Chelopech Mine

Power and Traction Substations and Transformer Stations

Mini Maritsa Iztok, Substation 10. Upgrade of 110 kV Power Factor Correction Switchyard and Control Room

Mini Maritsa Iztok. Eastern Substation. Secondary commutation

Mini Maritsa Iztok, Gledachevo Substation” – Power Factor Correction Switchyard

Automated Coal Quality Control Systems

Automated system for operational coal quality control at Troyanovo North Mine and Troyanovo 1 Mine

Sampling Systems

Automated system for collecting lignite coal samples from a moving conveyor belt at Troyanovo 3 Mine