Lands and soils

Technical and Biological Rehabilitation of Disturbed Lands

Pilot-scale testing of technologies for humus-free rehabilitation of disturbed lands in the area of Mini Maritsa Iztok

Modernization of Sofia-Plovdiv Railway Line Project, Elin Pelin – Ihtiman Railway Section, technical and biological rehabilitation of disturbed lands and temporary facilities at the construction stage

Devina Mine – Design for Decommissioning – Stage II. Biological rehabilitation

Remediation of Salty Soils and Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals or Petroleum Products

We can perform an assessment of soil condition with care for people and nature. Our extensive experience and application of good practices make us capable of proposing sustainable design solutions for the rehabilitation of contaminated and degraded soils. Remediation of many sites affected by past contamination has been carried out according to designs furnished by MINPROEKT.

Environmental Impact Assessment Statements, Environmental Assessments and Monitoring

Our multi-disciplinary team includes professionals that cover all of the civil and environmental engineering disciplines. We have extensive experience in the performance of environmental assessments and concession related analyses. Our specialists have a detailed knowledge of the relevant environmental legislation and, therefore, we could participate from the initial stages of the design process when a notification of investment project should be prepared, and continue with assessing the need for EIA and the prepation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Statement, if necessary.