Industrial construction

Industrial sites, Buildings and Equipment – Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Timber Structures

Car and truck fleet with an outdoor parking. A building with service pits. A car wash facility with a return water system. A storeroom for tyres and spare parts.

Krumovgrad Gold Project – design and supplies for the Process Plant

Conveying and disposal of ash and gypsum from AES-3C Maritsa East 1 TPP. Industrial site; Infrastructure; Mining Waste Facility and transport

Projects for the Construction of Earthfill Structures

Long-term development of the Western Dump Area. Construction of a underlying rockfill embankment with a supporting rockfill prism at Asarel-Medet

Reinforcing the southern non-working flank in the area of the Coal Belt Conveyor No. 3005 at the Troyanovo 3 Mine

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, Water Management System. Surge Water Storage Area